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Can I link my draft up to my ESPN/Yahoo/CBS/ live draft?

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How do I keep up with live drafts?

How do I make mock drafts more realistic to my league?

How do I enter my league settings?

How do I change the draft order?

How can I change my password?

How do I turn off mock drafts for my real draft?

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Can I draft again using the same settings?

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Editing League Settings

Editing the name of your league

Editing the number of teams

Changing between auction/snake drafts

Changing between real/mock drafts

Changing the number of rounds in drafts

Entering scoring settings

Entering lineup/roster settings

Editing teams

Editing the league host template

Editing draft order or nomination order

Entering keepers

Editing playoff and draftmaster settings

Turning on draftmaster/best ball

Adding a new league

Editing Drafts

The difference between drafts and leagues

Adding a new draft

Deleting drafts

Loading a previous draft

Renaming and adding notes to a draft

Exporting draft results

Resetting drafts

Correcting a missed pick in a Real Draft

Trading picks and players

Auto completing drafts

Exporting draft cheat sheets

Draft Strategy

Player upside

Positional need vs. VBD

Studs & Duds vs. Balanced Roster

Automatic/manual strategy controls

Ranking profiles

Customizing the draft lists of AutoDraft teams

Listing and Finding Players

Sorting the player list

Viewing different player stats in the list

Searching the player list

Listing players by position

Showing selected/picked players

Filtering by watch/avoid/injured

Viewing an NFL team's players

Viewing depth charts

Finding complementary players to your roster

Listing players by positional tiers

Setting weekly weights (advanced)

What are the numbers in the player listings?

What is EDP (Expected Draft Position)?

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Researching Players

Researching an individual player

Comparing players on your shortlist

Player icons

Editing Player Settings

Watch list and avoid list

Player notes

Customizing player rankings

Customizing position rankings/sliders

Adjusting the weightings of projection sets

Snake Drafts

Picking players

Unpicking players

Auction Drafts

Entering your league's auction settings

Nominating a player

Bidding on a player (mocks)

Assigning a player (real drafts)

Customizing each team's auction budget

Draft Board

Viewing the draft board

Undoing picks

Projected picks on the Draft Board

Fantasy Rosters

Viewing a roster

Adding players to a roster

Viewing drafted position counts

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